ABC Animals OS Cloth Diaper

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This is a PUL diaper that fits from about 10 pounds to 35+ and has rise snaps on the front to adjust for the best fit as well as a two rows of snaps along the waist to increase security.


PUL printed outer with turned and top stitched with a second layer of PUL on the inside. No insert is included with the purchase of a cover.

My PUL pocket diapers are make with a PUL outer print and athletic wicking fabric on the inside. Athletic wicking fabric is stay dry and easy to clean! Sold with or without of insert. Inserts bought with a pocket diaper will 3 layer heavyweight 50% hemp 50% cotton fleece with a serged edge. insert measures about 16.5 inches by 5.5 inches.

AI2 (All in Two)
All in two diapers are made with high quality polyester fleece on the inside and come with a insert that snaps in the back of the diaper.  The insert is the same 3 layer heavyweight 50% hemp 50% cotton fleece that the pocket inserts are made of but are a turned finish instead of serged. Insert is also available with athletic wicking fabric on the top as stay dry fabric.  


This will be color coordinated with the outer fabric. You choose from the drop down

Velcro is 1.5 in width and runs across the from the the diaper. Tabs on the wings are 1.5 squares and also have 1.5 laundry tabs.